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"Adesse Festinant Tempora"   Maarten Bouwens Rythovius.

"Door Meten, meer weten"   Kamerlingh Onnes.

Dr. Ir. Wilhelmus J. Geerts

Associate Professor of Physics

MSc Electrical Engineering:
   University of Technology Eindhoven
PhD Physics: University of Twente

Office: RFM 3228
Optical Characterization Lab (RFM 2225), Electrical Characterization Lab (RFM 4218). 
Fall 2014
Office Hrs:
MW 9:00-10:00, MW 3:20-4:00, TuTh 9:00-9;30, 11:00-11:30 or by appointment

Course Time Day Room
PHYS 4310 12:30-1:50 MW RFM3224
PHYS 3417 2:00-3:20 MW RFM3223
PHYS 1315 (Dr. Spencer's class) 9:30-11:00 TuTh Supple 1208
PHYS 2425 Lab TA meeting 9:00-9:45 F RFM 3228

phone: Department (512) 245-2131 or Office (512)245-1821 or Lab (512)245-9762

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