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MBE Group

Our research group is an interdisciplinary team of scientists from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

We operate and maintain a large array of laboratory equipment that allows us to conduct research across the entire process of growing and characterizing, semiconductor and oxide materials. We are focused on the development of novel III-V and II-VI materials for next generation semiconductor device and oxide based multiferroic devices. Our principal focus is on detailed understanding of materials properties and their interaction with the electrical performance in devices. Our goal is to enable higher-k materials and other oxides for use in manufacturing process flows.

We partner with leading companies in all areas of manufacturing these devices in order to accelerate the process of innovation.

Areas of Research

Materials/Structures for next generation CMOS devices

  • High-k dielectrics for Si and III-V semiconductors
  • Replacement of Si with new high mobility III-V as channel materials
  • Heteroepitaxy of III-V semiconductors with Si

Multifunctional Oxides on Semiconductors

  • Single crystal ferroelectric and ferromagnetic oxides on Si and III-V for additional functionality on semiconductor circuits

Heterointegration of III-V, oxides and Si

  • Combining optoelectronics, logic, memory, sensors, etc for new device applications

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Lead Professor


Dr. Ravi Droopad joined Texas State University in 2008 after spending 13 years at Motorola Labs/Freescale Semiconductors. He currently has 42 issued patents and has published over 150 refereed papers in scientific journals.

E-mail: rdroopad@txstate.edu
Tel: (512) 245-6165

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