"Into the foreseeable future, software will play an increasingly important and central role in all aspects of daily life."

(Bagert, Hilburn, Hislop, Lutz, McCracken, & Mengel, 1999)

There are few areas of our everyday life that are not touched, or even controlled, by computers. Checking e-mail has become a part of the morning routine for many people. When you swipe you card at the store you start a transfer of information that zooms around the country, in some cases the world, to your bank and then all the way back to let the cashier know if you have succeeded in paying for your goods. One of the first programmable computers built was called the ENIAC: Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (pictured on the right). ENIAC
ENIAC, an early computer

This site is devoted to information about the field of software engineering as well as some information about advanced mathematics, as it relates to software engineering. The library is the home of all the site's articles and where the bulk of information can be found. The resources tab will take you to a page that has a list of professional organizations and other resources for further personal exploration beyond what this site has to offer. Lastly is the blog. The blog is still in progress and not at full readiness yet. The blog will be a place to find informational updates about the site as well as current events.

Bagert, D. J., & Hilburn, T. B., & Hislop, G., & Lutz, M., & McCracken, M., & Mengel, S. (1999, October). Guidelines for software engineering education version 1.0 Retrieved from http://www.sei.cmu.edu/reports/99tr032.pdf

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Software engineering is the practice of applying engineering concepts and procedures to the
discipline of software design. This creates an approach to the design of complex systems
that gives much greater certainty of a product that is efficient, accurate, and dependable.

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