J. F. de la Teja

Jerome H. and Catherine E. Supple Professor of Southwestern Studies

Center for the Study of the Southwest
Texas State University-San Marcos
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Phone: 512-245-2224
E-mail: delateja@txstate.edu


Colonial and early national northern Mexico: Social and economic development of northeastern New Spain; land acquisition and tenure patterns in colonial and Mexican Texas and Tamaulipas; political interaction between Tejanos and Anglo Americans.

Long-term research focus is the Saltillo fair, an annual commercial gathering held in September or October each year from the eighteenth century through the mid-nineteenth century, that attracted merchants from central Mexico, and artisans, hacendados, ranchers, and farmers from the region. Its origins lie in religious celebrations commemorating the feasts of the town's patron saints, Santiago and San Agustín. Because of its social and religious aspects, along with its economic ones, the fair is a good vehicle through which to study the development of a regional, northeastern Mexican culture.


A second line of research concerns Tejanos and their participation in the events leading up to and during the Mexican and Texas wars of independence.


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Resources for Mexican and Texas History




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Board member, Humanities Texas, state affiliate of the National Council for the Humanities

Board member, San Jacinto Museum of History

Editorial Board member, Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Book, microfilm, and documentary reviews in, among other journals, American Historical Review, Journal of American History, Hispanic American Historical Review, Western Historical Review , Historia Mexicana, Southwestern Historical Review, New Mexico Historical Quarterly.